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History of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf clubs started as handcrafted clubs made of wood. They were simple, rudimentary designs. Once golf became popular and the technology advanced golf clubs were taken from a simple piece of wood to a highly engineered piece of equipment. Eventually their would be a set of standard set of clubs to have in a bag including a fairway wood, driver, irons, wedges, and putters. As with the rise of each of these clubs, a new club is designed to fill the gaps.

Hybrid golf clubs originated out of a necessity for a club that could combine the forgiving nature of a fairway wood and the accuracy of an iron. First referenced as utility clubs, hybrids are a relatively new addition to a golfers bag. The design was crafted so a golfer could hit the ball easier. Designed as a mixture between clubs they generally replace long irons 2,3,4 and sometimes 5. Hybrids are predominately used to hit the ball for long distances with an accurate shot. Known to outperform a fairway wood in distance and standard irons in accuracy, hybrids are revolutionizing the way some golfers play. Manufactures made this possible by shifting the center of gravity for the golf club to the bottom, allowing a golfer to launch the ball with ease and controlled direction. The club head of a hybrid golf clubs is similar to a fairway wood, hollow and made from steel or titanium. However, a hybrid face is flatter and the shaft is shorter compared to irons and woods. Overall these clubs were designed with game improvement as their motivating factor, allowing golfers to hit the ball with distance and accuracy, not to mention with ease. They are a great investment for golfers looking to add more accuracy and forgiveness to their bag of tricks.

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Almost all manufacturers produce their own line of hybrids. Hybrids can also be combined with into iron sets. The combined iron-hybrid sets are popular because of their easy to hit capabilities. Combining an iron set with hybrid golf clubs gives golfers an extra advantage filling the gaps in their bag. Hybrid clubs now come standard in some full sets, officially becoming a non-negotiable club to have.